Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a technique that people from way way long ago have used to rid their bodies of toxins, as well as gain many health benefits. If you don't know what it is, oil pulling is basically putting a tablespoon (start with a teaspoon) of coconut oil in your mouth and then swishing it around and pulling it through your teeth, etc. for 20 minutes a day. You are supposed to do it before you eat or drink anything in the morning. When you are done the 20 minutes, the amount of coconut oil will have increased because it has mixed with saliva as well as pulled toxins out of your body. Now this step is very important: DON'T SPIT IT DOWN YOUR SINK - SPIT IT INTO THE GARBAGE! This is because the oil will harden in your pipes and clog your drains. Once you have spit the oil into the garbage, rinse your mouth with salt water and then brush your teeth.

My husband and I are starting this process tomorrow. I went for dinner with a girlfriend the other night and she started doing it 2 months ago and is addicted to it. She is someone who, previously, had blemish breakouts frequently and dry skin. Her skin is FLAWLESS. It is so hydrated and clear and she says she hasn't had a breakout in 7 weeks. Her teeth are also incredibly white and she recently went to the dentist for the first time in over a year and the hygienist reported that she literally had no plaque on her teeth. She also hasn't used moisturizer on any part of her body for 2 months and says her skin has never felt better. She started this after talking to another one of our friends who had started doing this a year ago - she also has nothing but incredible thoughts on this technique.

From everything I've read, organic coconut oil is the best option. The health benefits of coconut oil are well known and it has the best taste. As well, coconut oil melts at a lower temperature so it has a better consistency as well.

I am committing to 30 days of oil pulling and will report on my progress daily. As well, I have gotten out my Best Life Diet books from Bob Greene and am committing to that program for 60 days. That will also be reported on daily. More information about the Best Life Diet to come tomorrow.

Happy Easter!!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sangria Saturday!

I am having lunch with my girlfriends. I love my husband and sons dearly, but sometimes lunch with the girls is the thing that can make things better. My husband doesn't understand the art of a major bitchfest and my son's probably shouldn't be exposed to the language I may use in my rant.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bad News Friday

I was so excited when I wrote about my candy apple salad this morning and now I'm feeling defeated. :(

I am a teacher. A supply teacher. For the past 3 years, I have been covering maternity leaves and have had my own classroom each time. I interviewed for a permanent position in the summer and did not get it (you need to interview to get on "the list" to be eligible for permanent). I subsequently got an additional maternity leave contract. I recently interviewed AGAIN, this time changing my approach based on information I received from some principals as to what they are looking for. I felt so good coming out of my interview!

I got the email of death today... I did not get on the list.

Now, that said... there are so many good things about being a supply teacher - no report cards, parent-teacher interviews, etc. but you don't get to make these great relationships with students when you're only there for one day. It is still hopeful that I could get another maternity leave for next year and I hope that I do, because what it comes down to is the fact that I love teaching and I love my students and I want to be a teacher. Bottom line.

So I will find the silver lining in this whole fiasco. But in the meantime..... this just about sums up how I feel:

Happy Friday, my ass.

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I am so happy it's Friday. This has felt like a looooong week. We are having Easter dinner with my parents this weekend and I'm making a Candy Apple Salad. Yes, you read that right. Candy Apple Salad. Delicious and fresh. In the spirit of Easter, I am sharing this recipe with you! It's from a cookbook called "365 Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Dinner Menus" by Penny E. Stone. It's a great book because it literally has a dinner menu for every day of the year and does it while taking into account produce that it is season, etc. If you don't know what to make, November 18th, then you can look it up!

Here is the recipe (pics to follow on the weekend):

Candy Apple Salad
10 red apples (Gala is recommended)
1 large can of crushed pineapple
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
3 tablespoons of flour
1 tsp. of vinegar
2 cups UNSALTED peanuts
1 tub Fat Free Cool Whip™

Drain pineapple and save juice. In a saucepan, combine pineapple, sugar, flour, eggs, and vinegar; stir well. Cook over medium low heat until mixture turns thick. Stir occasionally to avoid sticking. When mixture is thick, remove from heat and let cool. Meanwhile, core apples and cut into bite-sized chunks. Add peanuts and sauce and mix well. Fold in Cool Whip™. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

This is my go-to salad that I bring to summer gatherings and people RAVE about it! I am not claiming it to be healthy (sugar), but it's not bad either. No nutritional information is given in the cookbook.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

My 10K Walk :(

I found out today that my son has a lacrosse tournament scheduled the same weekend that my 10K walk is supposed to be. The coordinator already rescheduled some away games the day of my 1/2 marathon, so I couldn't really ask for another adjustment (my son's the goalie and needs to be there). I'm bummed, but since the 1/2 marathon is my ultimate goal, then I guess it's OK. I can sign up for a different 10K walk at another time in the summer.

Question: why don't skinny jeans make us skinny? That's false advertising if you ask me!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Keep Calm and Walk On!

I'm a walking fool! I did so well in the summer and fall, walking pretty much every day for 4-6km a day. Now I've got myself registered for a 10K walk on May 4th and a 1/2 Marathon on June 1st in Niagara Falls. Anyone interested in checking it out, it's the {Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon}.... and you get a bottle of wine {I know}.

I was 5 weeks behind on starting my training due to some family emergencies, but I'm at it full tilt now. On Sunday, I walked 10K in an hour and 56 minutes. Too slow. Today, I did 5K in 53 minutes. I'd like to get that time down to 50 minutes. Then if I can keep up that pace, I'll finish the 1/2 with plenty of time left over.... enough to drink that bottle of wine.

My Curves membership is still being paid for, but I haven't been using it. That needs to change. I'll be going on Saturday so that I can start with some strength work to go along with my walking.

What I AM doing is following Weight Watchers again. It really is the best plan for me and I'm enjoying it. I gained a bit of weight during the family emergency time, but have since lost another 3 pounds so it's all good so far and I'm about 10 pounds away from getting my {Pandora} triple band leather bracelet!

So keep on walking, weighing, tracking, running, or whatever else you do to stay fit! Soon I'll be sharing some of my favourite recipes that are also low in WW points.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm getting my Curves on!

I met with my Curves coach yesterday (also the owner, as well as the sister of my nutritionist). We looked at my last week which was dismal due to the flu as well as an ineptness when it comes to the Curves Complete program - what can I say? It's hard to move away from the Weight Watchers mindset! In the end, I'm feeling much better about the program and I have made a goal to remember to wear my pedometer, track my steps, and log all of my meals in.... as well as a 3 pound loss.

I'm also giving myself Tuesdays and Thursdays off of working out. I'm still going to work on getting my steps in each day (which will be MUCH easier when my walking training program starts on the 24th) on those days, but I'm not going to worry about getting to Curves on those days.

If you are looking for great protein shake mixes or awesome protein bars (both snack bars and meal replacement bars), I have to say that Curves has delicious options. I'm currently drinking the vanilla protein shake with 1% milk and frozen strawberries and bananas. I also have the snack bars (chocolate chip crunch) and meal replacement bars (yogurt with berries). You can get them at your local Curves store or online at the Curves Store.

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