Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oil pulling: Day 5

Almost didn't do my oil pulling this morning. To be honest, I almost just forgot about it. But then I remembered and so I did it while I was making beds and then getting the boys dressed for the day. I'm not really timing how long I do it. I'm doing it for about as long as I can stand it. It gets to a point that your mouth gets fuller and it's harder to not keep swallowing.... probably around 15 minutes. I brush my teeth immediately after.

Teeth: My teeth are getting whiter and cleaner every day. After I have pulled and then brushed, my mouth feels like I have just come from the dentist office! 3 more days until I'll post pictures to see if there's a difference.

Skin: My skin is about the same. Small patches of dry skin that I believe are from the colder weather (ugh, when is spring actually going to get here?). My MIL keeps a jar of coconut oil in her bathroom and uses it as a moisturizer when she gets out of the shower - may have to do that! Talk about smelling tropical all the time!

Breath: A slight improvement in morning breath, but not much. My mouth does feel cleaner all of the time though!

Hair: No observable changes in my hair today.

So far, so good! I definitely plan to keep it up. It will be a bit harder when we are doing things like camping, but I'll keep going.

Best Life Diet
I have set my menu for the day. Coffee and a smoothie this morning for breakfast. I am not a big breakfast eater, but I love smoothies. My smoothies usually consist of almond milk, chocolate protein powder, a tbsp. of raw peanut butter, and frozen banana. Soooooo good! If I really get feisty, I might add in a handful of spinach, but that's usually when DH and I are both having a smoothie and I make it in the blender. The other one I make in my Hamilton Beach individual smoothie maker.

This is an on-the-go smoothie maker where the blender becomes your to-go cup. I just shove a straw in there and off I go. It's fantastic! I have had mine for about a year now and the motor is still strong. Now they have recently come out with some fun colours in addition to the black so if I can find an orange or turquoise one (my kitchen accent colours), then I might pick one up. The best part? They are only about $15 at Walmart! If you don't have one, I highly recommend it.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oil Pulling: Day 4

I melted the oil again this morning and boy, does it make a difference! So much more enjoyable when you're not biting through chunky, Vaseline type stuff. I have to admit, it sometimes affects my gag reflexes, but definitely melting it is the way to go.

Skin: No further difference really. Skin is pretty good without moisturizer, but it was a bit dryer today... presumably from the colder weather outside and dryer air.

Teeth: Teeth are definitely getting whiter. I was really checking them out today and I can see a difference. It's maybe not noticeable to anyone else yet, but I can tell.

Hair: I washed and blew my hair dry today and it's not as frizzy - especially for being colder and dryer out. Definitely more smooth.

Breath: Still had some morning breath, although I have to say it likely wasn't as bad as usual?

Where is flight MH370??? Just curious....

Best Life Diet Day 2:
Today was a better day, although I did not do any intentional exercise. I worked all day and was on my feet for most of it (I'm a teacher). Tomorrow, I have 6K on the docket. As well, I am enjoying not counting calories or points, but I need to still preplan my meals so that I'm following the program.

Oh! And what a wake-up call I got again today! Our financial advisor came over and had us sign some stuff for new life insurance policies. My premium went up because I'm FAT. I need to lose 45 pounds in order for it to go down. I plan to lose 90.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oil Pulling: Day 3 and Official Weigh-in

I experimented with my oil today and put a spoonful into a bowl, then put the bowl in a larger bowl with hot water in it. The oil melted in the bowl and I then spooned it into my mouth and swished from there. WAY more enjoyable! The worst part of the pulling is getting through that first half a minute of melting the oil. This eliminated that and I was able to swish for longer.

Skin: The dry skin on my arms is completely gone. The dry skin on my legs is almost completely gone and that's a real feat considering I looked like I belong in the reptile family just 3 short days ago. I don't know if this has to do with the oil pulling, but it's definitely improved. The skin on my face still feels a bit dry, but no obvious flakes.

Teeth: I think my teeth are definitely a little bit whiter. DH thinks his are too. I'll take a picture on Sunday and post a side-by-side to see if there is any noticeable difference. It's hard to tell right now, but it's looking like there is.

Breath: I woke up this morning with a better taste in my mouth, but I could tell I definitely still had morning breath. My mouth has a general cleaner feeling to it.

Hair: Nothing yet on the hair, but after I shower, wash, and shave today, I might have something to report. The oil is suppose to make your hair shinier. Once I blow dry it, I'll have a better look and post about it tomorrow.

On the weekend, my boys and my nieces were being silly saying, "Who's your favourite oldest boy cousin?" and they would all respond with whoever's name. My 4 year old says.... in front of my DH, SIL, and MIL, "Who's your favourite fat mommy!". Everyone just stopped dead in their tracks. All I said to him was, "That's not a nice thing to say". Later that evening, I talked to both of my boys about the fact that you never make fun of someone for the way they look. But my heart is broken. This is not the first thing my youngest has said about my weight and he will sometimes say things about people in the public and their weight too. This was the breaking point for me and this is the main motivation for me to get thin. I don't want my boys to be embarrassed because they have the fat mom. It's time to change that.... for me, but for them also. Because I want to be around to see them grow up and I want them to be proud of their mom, not embarrassed.

So I weighed in and my starting weight (water retention included) is 279.4 pounds. I am now officially on the Best Life Diet.... following all of the requirements of phase 1 for a minimum of 4 weeks.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Best Life Diet: Prologue

I may have posted about Bob Greene's Best Life Diet way back in 2012 (when I first got the book). I never gave the program a full-hearted effort so now it's time to really give it my all. Bob Greene is Oprah's weight loss guru.... if he can work for Oprah, he can work for me! Here's a little synopsis of the diet program (as I have read so far):

The diet consists of 3 phases. Phase 1 lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks. I am to weigh myself tomorrow morning (which should be a shitload of fun because I'm retaining water like a mofo) and then not step on the scale for 4 weeks. I have plotted my fitness level to be a 1 (barely active) and am working towards making it a level 2 {which is necessary since I have this half marathon coming up that I need to do some SERIOUS training for!}. This means walking purposefully a minimum of 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes a time. That should be easy enough since I walk 5K in about 55 minutes and do that twice as well as a loooong endurance walk on the weekends. I haven't done my endurance walk for 2 weekends - what can I say... there were too many Cadbury Cream Eggs to eat! I also plan to get back to Curves on Wednesday and do that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and walk Tuesdays, Thursdays, and then one day on the weekend.

During phase 1, you also eliminate 6 problem foods. These are: fried foods, trans fats, soda (unless I can drink diet soda without it making me crave chips to go along with it), alcohol (when the hell am I supposed to have my vino?!), white bread/grains, and full fat dairy. I'm also supposed to stop eating at least 2 hours before bed and obviously, HYDRATE. That's it. Those are the rules for phase 1. The no alcohol thing is fine, but I can say with certainty that there will be at least a couple of glasses of wine over the next 4 weeks (book club), but I don't anticipate that will derail the whole program. For me, it will be making sure I stay away from fried foods and trans fats.... but I still think I can manage that just fine.

So tomorrow morning I will hang my tail between my legs and step on the scale and post it. I will be accountable for my eating. I will also take a before picture (tank top ON) to post so we can all get a real nice look at my fat gut. Again, accountability!

One last thing.... the Best Life Diet also has a journal book that you can purchase to go along with it. At some point during this challenge, there will be a giveaway for the journal book! STAY TUNED!

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Oil Pulling: Day 2

The oil was less disgusting going in today.... kind of. Instead of biting through it, I just let it sit in my mouth and it melted on it's own. I did the process for about 12 minutes today (I was having some gagging problems due to some congestion I have). I skipped the rinse with salt water and just brushed my teeth. My mouth felt so clean!

Teeth: I took a picture yesterday of my teeth so I can compare it every week. I'll post the before and after next Sunday when it's been a full week of oil pulling. I don't know that I necessarily notice a real difference yet, but my teeth did look and feel as if I've been flossing and brushing very frequently. I don't notice any plaque in between my teeth, but I haven't flossed at all (as part of the experiment as well as the fact that I'm horrible at remembering to floss on a regular basis).

Breath: I still had morning breath this morning when I woke up and that "just woke up" taste in my mouth. No improvement there yet.

Skin: My arms have been quite dry lately. As part of the experiment, I am not using moisturizer. Today, the dry skin on my arms is almost gone. My legs are still quite dry, but not as much as yesterday. I should add that I did not shower today since I've been painting my kitchen and grimy. I will shower tonight and will not use moisturizer afterwards to see how it goes.

Hair: No noticeable difference with my hair yet.

The other thing that DH and I have decided is to cook with coconut oil more. It does definitely leave the aroma of coconut in the house. Today, DH made pancakes for the boys using the coconut oil. I'm a butter person with my pancakes and although I love coconut, it didn't quite smell right. My MIL made asparagus yesterday that was cooked in coconut oil with some veggie seasoning on top. It was quite delicious. We generally cook with olive oil in our house, but will start substituting it with coconut oil when we see fit.

Happy pulling! I should say that I have posted small tidbits here and there about my oil pulling experience on my Facebook account and several of my friends have started oil pulling after reading my posts. I'll share some of their experiences as they move along in the process as well.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oil Pulling: Day 1

So, I'm typing this as I'm oil pulling for the first time. I opened up a brand new jar of organic coconut oil, took a teaspoon, and put about 1 teaspoon in my mouth. The initial feelings of the oil in my mouth was quite disgusting. It is hard (obviously) and takes some time {just about half a minute} to work the oil through your teeth and around your mouth to get it to melt. The taste is quite pleasant as long as you like coconut and fortunately, I do. Once the oil has melted, it's just like having coconut water in your mouth. I'm now swishing it around and pulling and pushing it through my teeth.

One thing my friend reported was that she no longer has "morning breath" and pretty much wakes up with fresh mouth every morning.

Update: I've now been pulling for 10 minutes. My husband is oil pulling for the first time in the shower. You definitely have to have something to do because 20 minutes is a pretty long time. I'm using the time to do real-time blogging about my experience. He's using it during his morning bathroom routine. But so far so good.

15 minutes: The quantity of liquid in my mouth is increasing. The taste and consistency are fine, but the amount is getting bigger. I'm going to start getting my salt water prepared to rinse with once I'm done pulling.

Results: I went for around 17-18 minutes of oil pulling. I rinsed with the salt water and tried to gargle. Apparently I forgot how to gargle because I gagged, but not from the oil. I spat the oil into the garbage and it had a white, almost foamy look to it from me working it around and around in my mouth. My mouth felt clean afterwards. Once I brushed my teeth, I was all good.

DH Update: He pulled for about the same amount of time as me. He said that his teeth already felt cleaner and he went straight to brushing and skipped the salt water rinse. So far so good!

My friend who has been doing it says it takes a few days to get into the groove and you start getting used to the sensations, taste, time, amount, etc. I've committed to 30 days and then hopefully this is something I will be able to continue on once I start seeing the changes in my body that are supposed to happen as a result of doing this.


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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a technique that people from way way long ago have used to rid their bodies of toxins, as well as gain many health benefits. If you don't know what it is, oil pulling is basically putting a tablespoon (start with a teaspoon) of coconut oil in your mouth and then swishing it around and pulling it through your teeth, etc. for 20 minutes a day. You are supposed to do it before you eat or drink anything in the morning. When you are done the 20 minutes, the amount of coconut oil will have increased because it has mixed with saliva as well as pulled toxins out of your body. Now this step is very important: DON'T SPIT IT DOWN YOUR SINK - SPIT IT INTO THE GARBAGE! This is because the oil will harden in your pipes and clog your drains. Once you have spit the oil into the garbage, rinse your mouth with salt water and then brush your teeth.

My husband and I are starting this process tomorrow. I went for dinner with a girlfriend the other night and she started doing it 2 months ago and is addicted to it. She is someone who, previously, had blemish breakouts frequently and dry skin. Her skin is FLAWLESS. It is so hydrated and clear and she says she hasn't had a breakout in 7 weeks. Her teeth are also incredibly white and she recently went to the dentist for the first time in over a year and the hygienist reported that she literally had no plaque on her teeth. She also hasn't used moisturizer on any part of her body for 2 months and says her skin has never felt better. She started this after talking to another one of our friends who had started doing this a year ago - she also has nothing but incredible thoughts on this technique.

From everything I've read, organic coconut oil is the best option. The health benefits of coconut oil are well known and it has the best taste. As well, coconut oil melts at a lower temperature so it has a better consistency as well.

I am committing to 30 days of oil pulling and will report on my progress daily. As well, I have gotten out my Best Life Diet books from Bob Greene and am committing to that program for 60 days. That will also be reported on daily. More information about the Best Life Diet to come tomorrow.

Happy Easter!!!

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